Fieldtrip to Deerpark Court Tomb

In Dec 2018, Auriel accompanied our school on an archaeological trip to Deerpark in County Sligo. This was our second full day trip with Auriel and we had a wonderful experience. It’s so wonderful to have an archaeologist to accompany schools on trips to historical sites, as we found that Auriel was able to bring the story and history alive of what looked like a stone circle to the children, or just a bunch of stones. Auriel had prepared lots of wonderful information and presented it to the children in a very interesting, engaging and fun way. On the walk to the monument, Auriel engaged the children with lots of information on the geology surrounding them as well as the flora and fauna of Deerpark. We hope to continue to engage Auriel into the future on historical and geography trips to explore our local environment and area.

June McCormack, Principal, Cliffony National School
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