Seatrails Terms and Conditions


Please inform your guide of any medical conditions or health concerns you may have at the time of booking. This is in your best interests. Some of our trails require a reasonable level of fitness.

Please be aware that you are walking/horse riding at your own risk.

Please listen to and follow your guides recommendations while on any trails or experiences, it is for your safety and benefit.

Our Ethos

Seatrails ethos is “leave no trace”, respect nature, landowners and the environment. We appreciate and love the natural environment and would like you to do the same. Sometimes, your guide will bring a bag to collect plastic on the shores. You can join in if you wish but this is entirely up to you and at your own risk.


It is lovely to have your children out but please be responsible for them while outdoors and by coastal areas or around livestock. A child is considered less than 16 years of age in Ireland. It is advised not to bring children under 4 years as suitability depends on the trail location, duration and weather conditions. If children are coming along, please dress them appropriately for the outdoors. You must inform us if you want to bring your children, as there is a charge. See prices on website for each trail at end of trail page.

Weather, Equipment and cancellations

Our weather In Ireland changes frequently. Coastal and mountainous conditions can change quickly too. If you have the right gear, you will be fine. From April to October is the best time to visit.

It is strongly advised that you wear/bring the appropriate footwear (hiking boots) and outdoor clothing on your holiday to Ireland. Some of the sites we take you to are up on heights so bring a hat. Bring sunscreen too, you can get burnt even in the wind/ haze.

If you like to use hiking poles, bring them. They always help on uneven ground, especially if you have knee/ankle or hip concerns.

If your guide decides the weather conditions are not suitable for your trail (decision will be made the night before for Benbulben Mountain Trail for example), you will have the option to choose another trail on that day or on a date that suits you, but this is pending our availability within that year. There is no refund.


If you are meeting your guide at a particular location, please pay attention to the directions and instructions provided by your guide. Please park with respect to the width of the road, to pedestrians, and to residents living nearby. Please do not park on front of farm/house gates. Farmers need to get in and out of their fields and this happens at any time of the day!


It is not permitted to bring your dog/s even on leads.

Customised Tours

You will be accompanied by your guide for the duration of the trail/tour/package. Your guide is there to deliver information, to help you have a fun and interesting time and to answer your questions as best as she/he can.

 Horse Riding /Heritage on Horseback

If you are doing any of the ’heritage on horseback’ rides, you will be required to provide your height and weight details (which is for the appropriate allocation of your horse), your gender, and your children’s heights plus their ages at the time of booking/initial enquiry. This information is provided to the stables only and is kept private. At the stables, you will be required to sign an indemnity form for yourself and each of your group must sign individually as well. You also must sign for each of your children. Our Minimum age for children for ‘Heritage on Horseback’ is 8 years.

Riding Ability/Level

It is in your own best interests and responsibility to tell us and the riding guide at the stables honestly, your level of riding experience.  It is advised that you always listen to your riding instructor.

Your Seatrails guide is there to introduce you to the stable yard and staff, deliver information on the area while out riding with you and provide you with refreshments afterwards. It is not the responsibility of the Seatrails guide to help or assist you with the riding. Any decisions made during the ride in relation to route or horse/pony/rider behaviour will be made by the riding guide. You will not be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with. Every effort will be made to ensure your enjoyment and safety. However, in the event of an accident occurring while out riding, you must seek advice and help from your riding guide and the stables. I.e. You must address your concerns with the riding stables if a situation arises.


On all the trails, customised tours and walking holidays that we offer, we love to take photos and videos of you out enjoying yourselves in stunning scenic areas. We always ask in advance if you are happy to allow us to post on our social media channels and on our website afterwards, from time to time.

You will be required to tick a box that permits us to do this and to use them for marketing purposes at the time of booking. If you do not wish for us to use them, then you must tick the box ‘No’ and state it clearly on the day that you meet us.

You will also be offered photos/videos after you have done a trail/tour or holiday with us, some of which will be sent to you for personal use only. However please be aware that;

  1. If you choose to use an image/video (for personal use) that has been provided to you by Seatrails, that image/video is protected under Copyright Law and accreditation is necessary. i.e. tag the image/video as Seatrails on your own social media.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to use a Seatrails image/video for your own commercial/advertising purposes.
  3. It is also not permitted for a anyone to use a Seatrails Image or Video without seeking permission first. That permission must be sought in writing to Auriel Robinson, owner and Manager of Seatrails.


You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter. The newsletter will not be issued more than 4 times per year. There will be a tick box for this at the time of booking.

Pricing and Minimum Number

All prices are marked on each trail page for adults and children and are priced per person. Our minimum number is 2 persons; however, a larger number is preferred, and a surcharge will be added if you are only two persons.

If you are a group of over 6 persons, we will offer 10% off any of our tours. This however does not apply to the Strandhill Heritage Trail that includes Shellfish.

Our Customised Tours are priced differently and are bespoke packages. A Customised tour for half a day (up to 3 hrs) is €150.00 euros. A full day (up to 5.5 hrs) is €300.00 euros. This does not include transport.

Our Sligo Walking Holidays are priced according to your request, our suggested trails itinerary for you and the accommodation prices being offered to you at the time of required booking. Please contact us for more information on this.


You will need your own transport to get to the start points of the trails or your guide will agree to meet you at a particular point that is easy to find, and you can follow them then to other sites if that is required.

For Sligo Walking Holidays, transport is not included. We can help you with your enquiry, however.

Customised Tours

  1. If you are using your own transport, your guide will meet you at either the place you are staying or will meet you at the trail start point/attraction.
  2. If you have your own vehicle, your guide can accompany you.
  3. If you do not have your own transport, your guide can organise a taxi or bus for you and will accompany you in that vehicle if you wish.

Payment Options

  1. Book directly through our website by using PayPal/Stripe facilities within
  2. By emailing us and we will invoice you and direct you to arrange a bank transfer
  3. You can post a cheque

For Sligo Walking Holidays, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking the remaining balance must be paid 4 weeks in advance of the holiday start date.   For Sligo Walking Holidays, the 50% deposit is non-refundable.

All bookings are paid in full, in advance.

For Tour Operator rates, please contact Seatrails directly regarding rates and payment process.

Cancellations and Refunds

For trails and customised tours, there is no refund if you cancel within 14 days of the trail date.

In the event of an unforeseen Seatrails emergency and we must cancel your trail or tour, you will be fully refunded. If you cancel however within 14 days of the trail date, there is no refund.

If you wish to change your date of tour and it is within the 14-day period of the trail date, Seatrails will make every effort to accommodate you but cannot guarantee a trail on the date you want. There is no refund in this case.

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