Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the tours last?

The duration of the tour is at the bottom of each trail page.  Most of our tours are around 2/2.5 hours return, however, there are shorter ones. The longest one is Benbulben Mountain (4 hours return). We can facilitate you pending the length of the tour in some cases.

Will I be able for the tour?

You know your own fitness level so if you have any concerns, please tell us at the time of booking. Your information will be kept private.

Are the walking tours suitable for children?

Absolutely, but there is an age restriction. We do not recommend under 4 years.  However, if you wish to bring your baby, that is possible provided they are carried and suitable clothes for all weathers. 

Are dogs allowed?

No, it is not permitted for a customer to bring their dog.

How much are the tours?

This depends on what you choose and for how many hours/ days and how many persons there are. All tour prices are listed on the Price List page and a minimum price is provided at the bottom of each trail page. If you have any other enquiries regarding price, please email us-

What do you do if the weather isn't great?

We rarely cancel our tours. Once you have the right clothing and footwear, there shouldn’t be a problem! If there is adverse weather, your tour will be cancelled that morning but this is rare. You will be refunded in this case. 

Please see our terms and conditions regarding weather and equipment

Can I pay on the day?

No, we only take advance payments. 

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

You will only get a refund (less administration fee) if you cancel before 14 days prior to the tour.

I do not have my own transport, can I still do the tour?

You need your own transport for most of the tours. Once you book and payment has been confirmed, we will send you directions for where to meet. There are a few tours that we do where you can take a bus such as the Strandhill Heritage Trail or WB Yeats Trail (Rosses Point). You do not need transport to do the Sligo Town History Trail if you are staying or visiting Sligo Town. 

Can I still do a tour if travelling alone or solo?

Yes you can, however, you will need to pay the minimum fee which is 75 euros for the town tour and from 100 euros for other tours. 

I need more information. What is the best way to contact you?

Send us an email or send us your enquiry via our contact us page or call us between the hours of 9am and 6pm Irish time.

‘Excellent walk today around Strandhill with Auriel. Learnt a lot about the local history of the local area. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again when we return to the area. Many thanks😀’Nick C, July 2019, Chippenham, United Kingdom
Will definitely use again
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