Are you interested in our Seatrails blog?

Our blog is to keep you updated with any interesting news we have throughout the year, about local festivals on in Sligo and to tell you about some of our memorable experiences we have along our Seatrails journey. It will be about who we meet and where they are from, what we discussed and experienced on our trails and how it inspired us. There may be a book in it, who knows…

If you have joined us on a tour in Sligo, you are welcome to submit something for this blog (and possibly book) by email if you wish too and we will add it in here and you can send us pictures you took during your time with us too. This way, we will have a lovely record of our customers experiences for anyone to see and read. This adds to our memory of the good times shared with you in Sligo! Please send us your reviews/memories for inclusion in this blog by contacting us.

Go Raibh Mile Maith Agat a Chara/ Thank you

Auriel Robinson, Owner, Seatrails
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