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Are you interested in Sligo walks in Strandhill? If yes, then this is one of the top 10 things to do in Sligo where you can walk and eat during/after it!

Start your walk with us in Strandhill. We will traverse the famous dunes of the Shelly Valley which have their own unique flora and fauna including the pyramid orchid, early marsh orchid and the rare bee orchid.

After traversing the valley, you will arrive onto Culleenamore Strand. To the East, a prominent 330-370 million year old carboniferous limestone plateau known as Knocknarea Mountain will overlook the strand. A legendary Irish Queen is said to be buried there. To the west, you'll see a very long sand spit. The channel and strand are usually teeming with wildfowl and Atlantic grey seals.

We will trek to a shell midden site where prehistoric man has gathered and feasted on shellfish for thousands of years. Then return to Strandhill Village. *Please note, if you are a group of 6 or over, we can organise for you to have shellfish cooked on the shore by expert chefs and served to you at the site itself. This is a wonderful experience* where you are tasting the fruits of the sea while outdoors.

Terrain: Rocky shore, sand dunes, sand paths, strand

Walking Time: c. 2hrs without shellfish, 3 hrs with.

Meeting Point: Cannon, Strandhill promenade, Co. Sligo

Strandhill Heritage Trail

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