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Gleniff Valley Heritage Trail
Join us on this interesting hike through a scenic U-shaped Valley in North Co. Sligo which is part of the Dartry Range which includes Benbulben Mt, Benwiskin Mt, Truskmore Mt and Tievebaun Mt. This mountain range was shaped by glaciation when Ireland was still in the ice age, over 10,000 years ago. It is extremely scenic and a landscape that will inspire you and you will really feel like you are getting into the heart of rural Ireland whilst along the Wild Atlantic Way.

We start the trail at the old mills of Ballintrillick. These are situated in a pretty wooded environment by a river. We explain the history of mining in this area and head off through the woods crossing a dam and up onto a small mountain roadway. As we continue into the valley, mountains and bog land will surround you. We’ll tell you about a WWII air crash site and Irish history during WWII. We’ll tell you about turf cutting in Ireland and you might even see turf stacks drying in the sun. Nature abounds, wild birds, sheep and sheepdogs will be seen or heard in the distance.

We will pass the highest cave in Ireland where two famous Irish legends, Diarmuid and Grainne once slept. Their story is one of love, jealousy, and a wild boar! William Butler Yeats also wrote about fairies of the mountain. This valley is in the heart of Yeats Country. We loop the valley and return by a wooden sculpture trail.

Terrain: Track through woods, uneven ground, roadway, and some wet areas

Duration: 3 hours

What to bring: Hiking boots, warm waterproof jacket, hat, water, sunscreen, poles
Price: 25pp

Gleniff Horseshoe Trail

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