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What a fascinating landscape you will visit! Just west of several karst limestone ridges and peaceful rolling hills, there are c.16 caves situated high up along a ridge. Explore the caves with us and enter into the 'natural dark side' of a beautiful mountain scape! Do you ever imagine what or who lived in the caves of Ireland? Well, if you join us, we'll tell you all about cave archaeology in Sligo. You will be amazed to hear how much life there really was in the Sligo Caves during the Ice Age and afterwards. For example, there were animals such as brown bear, horse, arctic lemming and more...

Inside the caves we will examine plant life and a few cave features.  After we explain the excavations that took place here a long time ago, you can wander freely. You will have plenty of time to admire the gorgeous rural countryside from the cave arches. The place is steeped in mythology, archaeology and magic. The trek is only 20 mins up, uphill, and a reasonable level of fitness is required for the walk up to them, but once you are there, you will forget about everything! We allow for time to explore and a cup of tea while you take in the view.
Suits families and great for children
Price: Minimum Number-2. Adult 20pp, Child 10
Terrain: Grassy, slopes, mucky, slippy inside caves
We recommend doing this trail after you do our Carrowkeel Tombs Trail
Parking is limited close to the caves but if you are just one or two cars, it's ok. If a bigger group, we park at the local carpark and just walk along a pretty country road before crossing the fields. 
Duration: If parking at carpark, allow for c. 2.5 hrs. If parking close by, allow for 1.5 hrs.

Keash Caves

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