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Queen Maeve's Trail
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Are you interested in doing one of the best Sligo walks? Then trek up Knocknarea Mountain with us to the resting site of Queen Maeve of Connaught.

Some of the oldest passage graves in Europe can be found in a huge megalithic cemetery just south west of Sligo town called Carrowmore. Situated in rural, agricultural low land, there are over thirty surviving tombs. These are situated on the same peninsula as a large prehistoric monument known as Queen Maeve's Grave which can be seen for miles.

Some of the tombs at Carrowmore were excavated so we have construction dates and artefacts. But who exactly built them? Why are these tombs different to all of the rest in Ireland? We will reveal all of this to you when you meet us.

First, we will start our trek to Queen Maeve's Grave on top of Knocknarea Mountain. Maeve was a famous Irish Queen, (Queen Maeve of the province of Connaught). She had many husbands throughout her reign in the 1st Century AD and was a jealous soul. A famous Irish Cattle Raid known as 'Táin Bó Cúailnge' is associated with her. On this trek, we pass a small famine village and as you ascend, gorgeous coastal and mountainous views open up to you. The max height of Knocknarea is 327 metres.

After we descend, if you wish, we will serve tea/coffee and treats to you at the carpark. *Available to small groups

Terrain: Varied- Uneven-grassy, rocky, slippy

Duration: 1.5/2 hrs

*Please note if you wish to visit the tombs at Carrowmore afterwards, we will show you the site. There is an additional interpretive centre cover charge of 3.50 per person at carrowmore.

Meeting point: Knocknarea Mountain on East side. Call us for directions.

Price: €25pp, €10 Child

Queen Maeve`s Trail

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