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Wednesday 31st October 2018
During the Celtic period and thousands of years ago, Irish pagans marked this time of year by way of festival and lighting fires at places that were special to them. They were approaching a darker time of year when they depended on sun to grow their crops and keep them warm. It is the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter. 

This is where spirits are believed to move freely between worlds (the liminal) or where time stands still.

On this eve, you will be guided through a mystical landscape under lantern, by a professional archaeologist to the fascinating megalithic tombs that were built by these ancient people. She will explain how these poeple lived, what was found there during excavations and how the tombs were built.

Please bring a lantern and a warm jacket, hat and hiking boots. Expect to be out for c. 2 hrs. Complimentary hot chocolate and tea will be served afterwards with chocolate!

Meet at Castlebaldwin petrol station at 6.40pm on N4 (south county Sligo). We drive from there.

Price: 10.00 Adult, 5.00 for children  (not under 8 yrs please)

Please book/pay in advance. Email to book. Thank you.


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