Horse Riding in Sligo

Seatrails: Heritage on Horseback Trail
Have you ever wanted to do horse riding along the Wild Atlantic Way? Try horse riding in Sligo and soak up local heritage and gorgeous scenery!

Enjoy pretty Irish countryside and beautiful beaches along the Wild Atlantic Way on horseback and learn about local Spanish Armada history and Irish famine history as you trek along the shore. We accompany you while riding and point intresting sites and nature along the trail. You will meet your guide Auriel in the friendly stable yard where rabbits, chooks, geese, dogs and cats all roam freely amongst the horses. You will then be supplied with a hat and boots and you’ll meet your horse who will take you on a special journey. We will always do our very best to make sure you have a memorable time and will be there with you for the whole experience. Tea/coffee and treats are served after and are complimentary.
There are a number of options for you to choose from-

1. You can do a 1 hr guided ride, taking it easy, enjoying the views as you clip clop along the shore:  Little or no experience required. Price: Adult 60.00, Child 40.00


2. If you wish to do a little bit more than walk and see a bit more, then a 1.5hr ride is a great way to feel free and get some Atlantic air into your lungs while trotting and cantering (optional) down a gorgeous beach: Some experience required. Price: Adult 85.00, Child: 60.00

3. If you are very comfortable in the saddle and would like to explore the coast and inland on country lanes lined by green hedgerows, then choose this 2 hr ride: Experience required. Price: Adult 100.00, Child 75.00


4. If you want a full day out on the saddle with your friends, we recommend an island ride. Here, we will cross a magnificent tidal lagoon, traverse wild sand dunes and canter (optional) on expansive golden beaches. You will see heaps of wildlife on this ride such as wild sea birds and seals. We include a packed picnic lunch break at a ruined farmstead on a pretty secluded island and return afterwards across the lagoon. Duration: c.4.5 hrs. Minimum No: 4 persons. Considerable experience required. Price: Adult 125.00pp, Child 100.00


Our booking enquiry form is to the right of this page. When you have decided which ride suits you best, please fill in the date you want to ride, the duration of the ride, the preferred time, number of people, and ages of children. We require your level of experience, your weight and height details so that we can get the best horse for you. Please be honest. We can then organise with the stables for you to have the most suitable horse based on this information! On arrival at the stables, you will be given hats, boots and you will be asked to sign an indemnity form.


Proceed to booking enquiry form and please give us all requested details. Thank you!



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