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Carrowkeel Tombs Trail

Seatrails: Carrowkeel
Carrowkeel or ’Ceathramhadh Caol’ meaning Narrow Quarter is one of Irelands’ finest megalithic cemeteries, overlooking Lough Arrow and along part of the ’Miners Historical Trail’. A well known botanist, Robert Loyd Preager came across numerous incredible megalithic tombs over 100 years ago and decided to excavate some of them...
Seatrails: Seatrails: Carrowkeel
This trail will take your breath away! From the beginning, you will be in awe of the incredible rocky canyon you will enter on the approch to the start of the trail. A huge glacier sat here once, thousands of years ago.  High rock walls shelter you and surround the valley. Begin your walk with us at the carpark at Carrowkeel and embrace this incredible landscape! There are secret gems hidden amongst the gorse (wild Irish vegetation that blooms in Spring) where sheep graze happily and watch you as you pass! Yellow irises, the white thorn tree or ’May Bush’ as we call it in Ireland bloom beautifully and wild scrub and bogland surround you. If you don’t know much about turf cutting tradition in Ireland, we’ll explain it all to you as we trek. We’ll also tell you the local folklore and mythology associated with this area and you can admire stunning views of a huge lake to the east of us.

After trekking  c 1.5 kms, we will ascend onto naturally stepped ground and visit a number of megalithic tombs.  We can enter these with caution. Your guide will explain exactly what was found here c. 100 years ago by archaeologists and while inside, you can wonder in awe how these sites were built and what they meant to their builders. After lapping up this incredible place, we will return to carpark for a hot cup of tea and a biscuit! (complimentary)
Height: c. 300 m
Terrain: Road, track, some mucky and wet ground, grass, gorse and peat
Duration:  Allow for c. 3 hrs total including complimentary refreshments afterwards
Price: €25.00pp Child €10.00, Minimum Number: 2

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