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Benbulben Mountain Trail

Interested in Hiking in Sligo? Our Benbulben Mountain Trail is one of the best hikes if you want to do some great hiking in Ireland! Benbulben Mountain is the most impressive shape and awe inspiring. It is located between Sligo Town and Bundoran Town on the Northwest coastline along the Wild Atlantic Way. This hike is not for the faint hearted but not alltogther difficult either!

The mountain itself is steeped in mythology. In ancient times, Fionn McCumhail, leader of a band of Irish warriors known as the ’Fianna’ hunted in the woods of Benbulben Mountain, known as Dubhros where wild boar and deer roamed free. The old love story of Diarmaid and Gráinne is associated with this mighty mountain as well. It is also mentioned in one of William Butler Yeats’ work, ’The Land of Hearts Desire’ whic is our lovely Sligo as he depicts fairies coming out of the mountain side.


Hear about local Sligo history and Sligo mythology, about how Benbulben mountain was formed, how it was shaped after the last ice age and what unusual flora grows there which cannot be found anywhere else in Ireland.


Please note, this hike is for people who are fit and and used to hiking.


Minimum Number: 4
Terrain: Uneven, bog, track, rocks, stream/ravine, some steep ground, marsh
Duration: From start of hike to end, allow for about 4 hours allowing for tea/picnic stop
Meet: Drumcliffe Church Carpark (just 15 mins North of Sligo town along Bundoran Rd)

We only take bookings and payment well in advance. If weather hampers ascent, you can keep your credit for another trail for the day or on another date within the said year. The decision to hike will rest ultimately with your guide.

*It is most important to bring water, hiking poles (your choice but we recommend), a warm hat, sun screen, a sandwich, good hiking boots and waterproofs* We ask that you stay with us from start to finish and do not wander. Mountains can be dangerous if you don’t know where you are going and you could get cuaght in bad weather.

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